Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Thursday News - New Arrivals

August 20 1789
Last week arrived in this town from America, after nine weeks´ passage Mrs Eliza DAVIES with her two daughters, natives of that country, and wife of Mr John DAVIES of this City [Lincoln] who lived near twenty years as a merchant at Charles Town, South Carolina. This gentleman and his family were among the number of those unfortunate persons who suffered all the calamities and miseries incident to the Civil War during the unfortunate dissentions in North America. He was closely confined on board a loathsome prison ship seventeen weeks during the most sickly and hottest season of the year, for refusing to fight against his countrymen, and whilst imprisoned, his house and Plantation were plundered of every article of property by the opposite party and his family hourly exposed to the insult and abuse of a licencious (sic) soldiery who threatened to murder them on every complaint of their cruelty and ill-treatment, and deprived them of every provision. Such misfortune and such heartfelt distress are little known in this happy country where good laws and good government effectually protect every individual in his person and property.

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