Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and a Merry NaNoWriMo to you: A few questions answered

Happy Halloween!


Put on your costume and have some fun because it's nearly time to buckle down hard for NaNoWriMo.

What is NaNoWriMo you ask? 

It's National Novel Writing Month. During the Month of November, writers across the world try to write 50k in 30 days. There are get togethers, designated writing places, and plenty of support. You can use as much or as little ogf these supports as you need.


But I'm already 10k into my 90k word book, can I still join in?

Technically you are supposed to start a new novel, but this is debatable. I say yes. Nano is all about getting over the fear and procrastination and just writing a book Most books are not 50k, and so I believe you can start anywhere. I personally will be completing and editing a book that has been requested by an agent I adore, then I will be moving on to a new story I've been playing with.


What happens if I make it or don't make it to 50k?

If you make it, you get a million dollars. If you don't, you will be burned at the stake, or possibly drawn and quartered . . . Well, okay, nothing really. They have a certificate you can print out if you make it, but this is all for your own personal gratification. The most you could gain is 50 or so thousand words of your manuscript, and bragging rights. But isn't it worth a month of sweating and working your muse overtime if you finally write the story you've always wanted to?


Matthew Bowden

Can you really sell a book that was written in 30 days? 

Without edits, I doubt it, but with some polishing, it's a proven fact. Just check your local bookshelves for The Night Circus.


Do people really try to write 50k in 30 days?

In 2011 there were 256, 618 participants and 36, 843 winners, according to the Nano site.

 How do I sign up and connect to other Nano participants?

Ask around your local writing groups. You'd be surprised how many writers you know like doing Nano. Go to their website to sign up, access forums, and find friends.

I hope a few of you might join me in the Nano experience this year.