Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Romance Writers Are Amazing

When you think about all we go through, with no guarantee that anyone will ever know who we are, I'm pretty impressed with how we handle it. Here is my top ten list (in no particular order) of what I love about great romance writers.

 The Best Romance Writers -
  • 1  Share a world with us we could never live in without them.
  • 2 Share it in a vivid way that makes us love the characters like friends. (Or lovers.)
  • 3 Support each other (for the most part) and stick together in this difficult business.
  • 4 Know all sorts of fabulous facts. Mostly from all the research. lol
  • 5 Can make you happy with their fantastic prose, even when you are sad.
  • 6 Become an active part of your life, especially if you find one that is a must read.

  • 7 Aren't afraid to show you the dark and ugly parts of their minds, if the manuscript calls for it.
  • 8 Look for alternatives when they must. So many writers have started in one genre, only to change to another and find their niche.
  • 9 Make us sigh and feel that all is right with the world, even when that is far from true.
  • 10 Persevere, even in the face of rejection. Imagine if Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn, or any of the others had quit after being rejected a few times. (Seriously, some have an amazing number of rejections under their belts.)
I will leave you to ponder that while I get back to my Nano project. Happy Nano, everyone.


  1. Thank you. I just love my wonderful writer friends. The ones I know, and the ones I don't. :-D