Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Friday - Elisabeth Freudenreich

Elisabeth Freudenreich 1760 By AnonymHere ous
Here we have Elisabeth Freudenreich.

Our girl, it seems, is partial to ribbons, which were popular decoration for gowns and hair during most of the 18th century. We see she's wearing a bouffant with ringlets curling down her back. Ribbons and what looks like pearls twist around her hair and trail down her back.                     

She holds a matching cap (which is not called a mob cap or mop cap--the mob cap was named for the mobs of women who wore them during the French Revolution)

The bodice of her silk gown is edged in ruffles with more ribbon at the breast and elbows. A bit of lace trims the sleeves and neckline.

What do you think of our lovely lady? Does she have style?

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