Monday, January 7, 2013

Walking Through Hellfire- My hero

Lucas Shaw

Let's discuss my hero, Lucas Shaw.

The Kiss 1859 Francesco Hayez

Like all great alphas, Lucas is cocky, protective, and proud (sometimes to a fault). In truth, I'm not sure I would call him an alpha. I've read far too many alpha-holes in my time to write a straight alpha male. He's a combination of alpha and beta, so along with the aforementioned alpha male traits, he can be charming and witty.
Luke has a giving heart as strong as his playful nature. He enjoys teasing Emilia, yet he fights on behalf of the helpless--at times to his own detriment--because he is compelled to make up for a past mistake.

Here is the end of the first meeting between Lucas and Emmie -- Continued from last week's introduction to Emmie.

            She slid off him and tried to move toward the corridor, but couldn't wrench her wrist free.
            Lucas stood. "Oh no, not yet. Not until I have one more thing." Before she could flee, he tugged her to him, spinning her into his embrace. "A small thing."
His fingers lifted her chin. He drew her gaze from where her breasts pressed into his wide chest, over his broad shoulders. Her heart raced faster than a prized stallion. She followed the black stubble over his Adam's apple, square jaw, and strong dimpled chin to the base of the golden mask. When she gazed into his deep green eyes, the effect lent him an air of danger and charged her body with some exciting yet nameless sensation. Her knees quivered.
She licked her lip and let out an unexpectedly shaky breath. "And what do you want?"
"Your name."
Emilia opened her mouth to refuse, but he covered her lips with his thumb. "However, since you guard it, I suppose I'll have to call you Emmie and choose another boon."
She almost jerked at his use of her pet name. His gaze burned her mouth. His thumb slid down, dragging her lower lip as it went. He lowered his head, bit by bit, until at last his mouth met hers. Oh, and what a meeting. Her body went limp, and she leaned into his inviting warmth. His tongue flicked over her lips and she gasped. She tasted the exotic flavor of the spice on his breath. Heady longing tingled over her skin and beneath it, moving deeper within her to some place that seemed to awaken for the first time. Then he released her and stepped back. She faltered, almost losing her feet. Stumbling back, she pressed the back of her hand to her parted lips.
"Mmm." He ran the tip of his tongue over his lower lip. "Sweet."
The sensations inside her combined with the heat in his gaze to speed her blood along its path.
Emilia scurried backwards, watching Luke stand immobile. "I must . . . I must be . . ."
She took the first step into the corridor sideways then whirled about and rushed for the stairs in a daze of desire and confusion.


  1. Very good excerpt. This is going to be a great book.

  2. Thanks ladies. I'm glad you liked the excerpt.