Monday, January 28, 2013

9 Facts About My Writing

I thought it would be fun to talk about what readers can expect from my writing--should (no, when) my novels find their way onto shelves.

1 - Historical Accuracy - I write fictional historical novels. While I research my novels heavily, and have critique partners that are also historical novelists, I realize that I am writing a fiction piece. The love story is paramount. Also, if it is a question between accuracy and comprehension, I will, more often than not, aim for clarity.

2 - Setting - I tend to love English romances, however, I do have some old west and early American novel ideas under my bed.

3 - Year - I write Georgian and Regency. So much was happening within the span of one lifetime--between the American and French Revolutions, the social changes, and the coming of Napoleon.

4 - Heroines - I tend to write heroines with a mix of modern and traditional ideals. I love flawed heroines. I love at least one major flaw. From Rules For Avoiding The Earl, Maia is not only far from what her era considered a beauty, but she is also very impulsive. From Walking Through Hellfire, Emilia is so loyal she often allows herself to be taken advantage of in her attempt to protect others. I also love them to have at least one strong skill. Maia is a crayon painter and Emilia is extremely fast.

5 - Hero - Sexiness is key--not just in body, but in actions and words. He has to be crazy about the heroine, even if he doesn't like her at first. A tortured past often comes with the territory for my heroes.

6 - Secondary Characters - I love quirky secondary characters, so you'll often find them in my stories. I think they are a great way to get the story moving and say what must be said. They also provide a lot of chances for humor.

7 - Humor - Speaking of humor, the reader should certainly expect that in my novels. I love and use all forms of humor, but physical and situational are favorites of mine.

8 - Heat - I do NOT close the bedroom door. My love scenes are hot. Not quite erotic, but certainly not boring.

9 - Heart - I feel like deep emotion is the best thing to accompany humor. A great story can make the reader laugh until their cheeks ache and cry until they can't cry anymore. I strive for strong emotion, and while the reader may not cry with every story I write, I certainly hope they will feel desperate, from time to time, for the hero/heroine to achieve their HEA.

So there are 9 facts about my romance novels. I hope one day you will be able to share the stories of the characters I love so much.


  1. I can't wait to see them published.

  2. Thanks Ella. Congrats on your soon-to-be-released novels. I can't wait.