Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Writing durring Christmas

I find that, for me, writing the 3rd quarter of a book is the most time intensive, and, in some ways, difficult part of writing a story. I'm so close to the fun ending that I want to jump ahead and write it, but I know I can't do that. Of course, that's where I've ended up this Christmas time, so I have plenty of excuses to put off writing the difficult section.
I think, for those of us who write, the times when we are finding it the hardest to write, are the times we should push hardest to do it. Not just because it's the difference between a dabbler and a pro, but because it is so easy to procrastinate and fall into the writer's 'no man's land' where we write the beginning of a million stories, but never finish any.
So, for any writers experiencing the same thing I am, commit with me. we will write every day of the holiday season, even if we only write three words. (Taking Christmas day off is okay.)
All right, I'm off to write. Good luck to everyone out there who's struggling to finish a scene or chapter. And don't worry, it will get easier as the page count progresses.


  1. Words of wisdom to be sure. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Good luck with your writing!

  2. Thanks Sutton. I'm glad my words encouraged you to keep working through the tough parts.