Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Thursday News - Strangely Wed

 11th June 1790
Marriage: A few days ago was married at Waddington near this city of Lincoln, William GAD aged 79 to Mary GAD of the same age and of the same place. What is extraordinary there was at tea in the evening, the bridegroom, the bride, their fathers (sic), four brothers, two sisters, two uncles, two aunts, one kinsman and one kinswoman: and altogether but six persons whose ages amounted to 416 years, and all of one name.

 8th October 1790
Marriage: On Thursday last was married at Donington, Richard NICHOLS, (commonly called ´Saucy Nichols´) aged 71 to Ann DIXON aged 22. The good old man, hoping to avoid the ridicule of the multitude, led his Bride elect along a bye lane to the Church.

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