Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Thursday News - A Unique Solution

 October 8, 1790
All persons are hereby cautioned against trusting Mary WALL, wife of John WALL, Blacksmith of Somerby in the County of Lincoln, as he will not be answerable for any debts she may contract - Also all persons are desired not to pay her any bills on my account from the date hereof. November 20, 1790.

 17th June 1796
A Caution: Whereas, Elizabeth KIRK, Wife of me, Thomas KIRK of Bicker in the County of Lincoln, Farmer, prompted by an Evil Disposition, without any Provocation, Absconded from me on or about the 13th Day of January 1796, and has not since returned Home: Now I do hereby give Notice, that I will not pay or discharge any Debts that she may have entered into since she left me, or which she may hereafter contract. Witness my hand, Thomas KIRK, Bicker, 1st June 1796.

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