Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Thursday News - Jerry Springer 1800

Thursdays you can enjoy historical newspaper clippings. For our first Thursday News, I've found some Jerry Springer moments. Public apologies. I hope you enjoy the late 18th-early 19th century news on Thursdays.

The Date :          29th October 1802
I, Sarah ROBINSON, Wife of John ROBINSON, baker, Spalding, Lincolnshire, did on October the 1st, 1802, insult Mrs BRIDGES of Peterborough, Wife of Mr BRIDGES, Dancing Master, without the least provocation: I hereby declare that the assertions frequently made against the Character of Mrs BRIDGES representing her being connected with my Husband, are wholly false; and I do hereby publicly ask Pardon, and hope she will not proceed in the Spiritual Court or any other Court against me: those false and injurious Reports having been propagated in the Heat of Passion, for which I am very sorry. (signed) "X" Her Mark, Sarah ROBINSON, Spalding. 22nd October 1802.

11th November 1803
Apology; Whereas I, Robert COOPER of Fotherby in the County of Lincolnshire, Auctioneer, did lately misbehave myself at a Sale of household property of William JUSTICE of Little Grimsby in the said County, Esq., and I did make use of disrespectful expressions against said William JUSTICE´s character: - Now I do hereby ask Pardon for such my misconduct to the said William JUSTICE: and do confess myself sorry for having so unjustly insulted him; and I do thank him for not commencing an action at law against me; and do give him full authority to publish this my Apology, in such manner as he thinks fit. Witness my Hand this 26th day of October, 1803. Robert COOPER Witness: Robert MARRIS.

25th September 1807
Recantation; Holbeach, 22 Sept 1807: Whereas I, the undersigned Sarah SILLS, now living as a servant with Mr. John RECKERBY of Holbeach Marsh in the County of Lincoln, farmer and grazier, have maliciously raised and propogated various false and scandulous reports respecting Mrs. RECKERBY, the wife of the said J. RECKERBY, and also respecting Miss Martha CROWTHER, of Holbeach Marsh, aforesaid, for which they have threatened to commence prosecutions against me; but in consideration of my circumstances, and on my offering to make this Declaration and pay all Expenses (being the only compensation in my power) they have consented to stop all further proceedings. Now I do hereby acknowledge and declare, that I had no authority or foundation whatever for raising or propogating the said reports, and do thus publicly ask Pardon for such my misconduct, and promise never to offend in like manner again; declaring also that I am the same person who lately so maliciously and falsely aspersed the character of Miss Ann HOLLIDAY of Holbeach Marsh, aforesaid. As Witness my Hand the Day and Year aforesaid. Sarah SILLS.


  1. Good Lord. Did they actually do that in this day and age? Publicly apologize so they wouldn't get sued? Hmmm. Maybe we need to return to that in THIS day and age. lol Thanks for the morning laugh, Robin. And nicely done on the blog. :)

  2. Thanks ladies. This was a fun one to research.