Saturday, February 23, 2013

Heores - Mr Darcy

And so, we've come to Mr. Darcy. He is arguably the penultimate Jane Austen hero.

Why love Mr Darcy?

At first it seems he's arrogant and proud, but when we see more of his actions, we see that he is only trying to do what he feels is best for those he cares about, no matter how misguided his judgement, and when Elizabeth points out his faulty logic, he's man enough to accept her judgement and try to rectify his mistakes.

My heroes have a bit of Mr. Darcy in them. My heroes often have deeper thoughts than they speak aloud. They also can be guarded with their feelings and emotions, until the right heroine comes along to drive them into admitting their feelings and looking at themselves honestly.

Do you love Darcy? Why?

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