Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Hero for Every Heroine - Mr. Bingley

Jane Austen had a wonderful grasp on men--what made them great and what made them terrible. We've already discussed Mr Knightley, my personal favorite. Let us continue our discussion of the Jane Austen heroes by discussing Mr. Bingley.

What makes Mr. Bingley a great hero?

Mr Bingley is not only handsome and rich,  he's open and honest with his feelings. He's amiable and kind, with little of the darkness or mystery that some men have. I for one love that about him. I love that he dotes on Jane, and though he is easily persuaded, in the end, he comes to claim her.

My heroes have a little of Mr. Bingley in them. I write heroes who may not be as open as he is with their feelings, but they certainly work to charm their heroines. (Particularly once they realize how much she means to them.)

Writers: Feel free to share how your heroes are like or unlike Mr. Bingley.
Readers: I'd love to hear why you love or don't love Mr. Bingley.

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