Monday, December 31, 2012

Walking Through Hellfire--Why I love my heroine

Emilia Marley - Emmie

I came across this statement while reading through blogs a while ago -- If you don't love your hero/heroine, why should the reader? The comment rang true, so I decided now was time to examine why I love my characters and share my answers with you in the hopes that you will one day have the chance to love them too.

The stolen kiss late 1780s Jean-Honoré Fragonard
Let's start with my heroine- Emmie.

Emmie isn't physically strong, but she's extremely fast. She keeps her wicked sense of humor hidden beneath a serious face, and her loyal nature gives her strength and vulnerability at the same time.

Emilia was raised a chambermaid, yet she has deep courage that carries her through the most difficult moments and helps her face the toughest opponents.

Here's the first confrontation between Emilia and Luca inside the secret society where they pass messages.

Emilia: "We should not use names. The instruction is clear. I am EM, and you are LT."
"I'm almost two decades out of the nursery. I know how I want to be addressed. If you would like me to reply, address me as Lucas. Now close your mouth and moan."
The heat of anger crept up her neck, and she smiled to hide it. She would not be cowed like a child. She was not a helpless simpleton. Teeth gritted, she placed a hand upon his chest, running it up to his neck and into his hair.
She ran her nose against his throat, kissing the hard stubble. "Lucas?"
 His breathing came harder as she explored his skin.
She bit the soft spot at the base of his throat, then pressed a hand between his thighs just hard enough to show him she knew his weak spot. "If you continue to speak to me in this manner, you will not be satisfied with the conclusion to our little affair."
He inhaled sharply, but when she drew back ready for a fight, a wide grin covered his features. "If you leave your hand where it is, the end will satisfy me."
She ignored his words. "My assignment is as important as yours. My lord chose me because of my appearance, my strength, and my intelligence. Not solely because my body happens to be female."
He leaned back and looked into her eyes, then snatched her around her waist and hauled her to him, a sparkle lighting his simmering emerald eyes. "And what an exquisite body it is." His left hand brushed over her waist, drawing trails of fire along with it. "You are brave, I'll allow that much."
"Only so brave as I must be. Courageous enough to do this." She lifted the letter from her pocket. Running her hand down his chest, she pushed the folded message into the fall of his breeches.
A smirk lifted a corner of his lips. "And how far would you dare go to achieve your ends, EM?"
He grasped her free wrist with his left hand, holding her while he slipped his right up along her thigh. His hand moved quicker than she could follow, with her head spinning as it was. His palm roamed her inner thigh, dragging the rough paper along the sensitive skin.
When his hand neared where hers rested, she leaned in, trying to keep her breathing calm as she swept her palm over the growing hardness beneath his breeches. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes for an instant.
She smirked, snatching the note from his fingers. "No need to go further than I wish."
Emilia shoved the paper into her dress. She slid off him and tried to move toward the corridor, but couldn’t wrench her wrist free.


  1. Very nice play between them. Loved the tension and her bravado!

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  5. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I'm glad you like Emmie. :)

  6. Oh, I really enjoyed this. He is SUCH a cad and she does not back down. The byplay between them is fabulous! Cannot wait to read the whole thing!

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  9. Thanks so much ladies. Lucas is going to be fun to introduce! I hope you come back to meet him.