Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Thursday News - Escapees, Runaways, and Gigolos, oh My!

11th May 1810
ESCAPED from His Majesty´s Gaol, the Castle of Lincoln, about three o´clock in the afternoon of Wednesday the 9th day of May by getting over the walls, ROBERT WHARF, a Convict under sentence of Transportation for Life. The said Robert WHARF is about 20 years of age, light brown hair, grey eyes, a round visage, slim made, a good-looking young man, was born at Kirton near Boston; had on a brown coat, stript (sic) waistcoat, blue and drab coloured country breeches and had no shoes on - whoever will apprehend the said ROBERT WHARF and lodge him in any of H M Gaols, shall receive a Reward of Five Guineas from the Keeper of Lincoln Castle.

 23rd November 1810
 RUN AWAY from his Master´s Service, JOHN MAJOR, apprentice to Mr William PYCOTTS, cordwainer of Crowle, Lincolnshire, on April 1st 1810. John MAJOR is about 18 years of age, 4ft 10ins high, has black curly hair, a scar on his chin and walks with his knees bent. Whoever will lodge the said John MAJOR in any of His Majesty´s Gaols, and shall give notice to Mr William PYCOTTS aforesaid, shall receive One Guinea Reward; but if he will return to his master´s service, within a Fortnight from this date, and behave himself well, his master will forgive the lost time. Crowle, November 13th 1810.

 16th November 1810
A few days ago at Alford, after a brief courtship, was married Mr. HEWSON, aged 24, to Mrs. BRYON, a brisk widow of the Anchor public-house there, aged 70 years.

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